Sitecore Composable and Traditional Implementation


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Our dedicated team of developers and strategists covers Sitecore and many other 3rd party integration solutions. Their technical knowledge combined with the strategic thinking of our creative team makes scoping any solution or migration completely robust. We can deliver projects of any scale in their entirety or collaborate with in-house teams to deliver any solutions.

We have combined our design thinking of personas and user journies with strategic digital transformation activities to deliver a more robust personalized experience for customers across omnichannel. Our understanding of Sitecore's Business Optimization Services along with the rich features brought into Sitecore's latest released platform helps us deliver more tangible results increasing sales and lead conversion.


Our Sitecore experience combined spans over 15 years and we are not shy of sharing our expertise with the community. Connect with our team in Sitecore events, user groups, and the online community.

Design Approach

When we implement Sitecore-based projects, our approach for design consists of the following:

  • Creation of wireframes and design screens by our creative team for client approvals.
  • Translation of wireframes into responsive HTML design by our front-end developers.
  • Creation of Personas and problem scenarios by our business analyst.

Our understanding of the SXA approach allows us to follow the agile methodology to speed up time to market by executing both front-end screen translations and back-end development in parallel.

Our hands-on experience working with Sitecore JSS enables us to help you head towards the headless implementation that helps your various departments and team members collaborate with no Sitecore knowledge barriers.

And don't forget, as we are everyone trying to gain a foot in the composable DXP world, our acquired knowledge of the various Sitecore SaaS offerings can help you pursue any of these new offerings with confidence. Make sure to tune in to many of our sessions and conversations around Sitecore CDP, Sitecore Personalize, and OrderClud, to name a few.